Who I Am

Hello, My name is Matt (aka kennelboy), I am one of a small number of males who work in the animal care industry. Throughout the course of this blog, I will be discussing what it is like to work and live animal through the eyes of a male.

I own five dogs and three cats who I love dearly. There’s Charli, she is a big, lovable lab mutt who just loves to chase the kitty and get exercise. There’s Mickey, who is another lab mix, he loves everybody he meets no matter who you are. There is also Spencer, the basset hound mix, the neighbors just love her, she loves to talk to them all the time. There is Rocky, the hound, pointer mix, who’s name suits him well, as he is about as bright as a box of rocks. The little guy of the bunch, Ollie the chi-weenie,  is easily frightened but can be just as loving at times. Finally, the cats, Daisy, she is a loving kitty who just wants the dogs to leave her alone, there are also Moo and Stache, they are the two sisters of the group. Even though sometime they can be quite a handful, at the end of the day, they are all happy to be in a loving, caring environment.

I  work at a local animal hospital which benefits dogs and cats in my area. The animal hospital has two great doctors that are loved by many people through out my local area. In the hospital there are also three veterinary technicians who love their jobs to death and wouldn’t do anything else. There are two receptionists who are the most important people in the hospital. And in the kennel, with me, there is one other person.


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