Bath Time Fun

Note: the dog in this picture is not the one named in this blog (img from

Dogs can sometimes be unpredictable when they are out of their own home. In the kennel setting there are new smells, barking dogs all around, new foods, and some dogs get to get baths. Not a dog’s dream vacation if you ask me.

On my first day on the job, it was the same as it would be for the dogs. I was confused and flustered. Some dogs have their own food, some dogs are not the nicest, and others just don’t want to cooperate. As a kennel tech you have to learn how to approach this stuff rather quickly or you might lose a finger.

Bathing on the first day was loads of fun, needless to say I learned how to keep my socks dry from those first few days, or at least bring a few extra pairs.

Bathing my first memorable dog was loads of fun and fur, her name was Abby. Abby was a crazy golden retriever who goes bonkers whenever you try to do anything to her. She was always bouncing off the walls and always seemed to have puppy energy wherever she went.

Such as:

Nails– good luck, she would prefer not to do her nails and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind about it. She usually tries to eat you whenever you try to touch her feet, you can imagine trimming her nails was a chore.

Ears– she hates them being touched, you had to trick her to get the ear cleaner in her ears, after you accomplished this task, you have to massage the ears to get the ear cleaner into the ear canal. Then rub the gunk out with a piece of gauze. That is a great feat.

After I was done wrestling her to get all the basics accomplished, it is time for the bath.

The bath wasn’t as much of a hassle as the ears and nails. Although she did shake quite a bit during the bath and got me soaked in the process. She let me lather her up with shampoo and rinse it off all nicely.

The real fun came in when it came to drying time.

At my work, we have a large doggy blow dryer that is connected to a cage in the back of the kennel. Dogs usually hate the sound it makes. That makes it tons of fun to dry them or get them to cooperate during the drying process.

Abby was no different.

She hated the dryer and the thought of using it on her. She fought me getting her in the cage it was attached to, she wanted to run when I turned on the loud dryer. I finally got her to calm down using treats and calmly talking to her. Finally, her bath was done.

After a few more visits, Abby had gotten better with her baths, ears, and nails. She is still as loony as ever though and I like her ways.  I also love her character and wouldn’t want to change that for the world. She taught me how to deal with all the zany stuff that was to come.


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