My first C-Section Experience

not actual dog from blog (image from

A little lady Yorkie goes out of her yard and finds a boy dog to give her a little “boom chick-a wawa”.

Little lady Yorkie returns home and owner thinks she may be pregnant. So owner takes little Yorkie to the vet and gets her x-rayed to see if it is true. And low and behold there are four puppies in little Yorkie. The puppies look a little large for little Yorkie, so the vet decides to sign the little Yorkie up for a cesarean section (a.k.a C-section) (surgery to remove the babies)  for when the puppies are ready to come out. Owner agrees and a few weeks later returns to drop off the little Yorkie for surgery.

The doctor cuts open little Yorkie and removes the puppies one by one for the technicians and myself to rub off to warm them up, clean up and get them breathing. The little puppies start squeaking and whining to get to little Yorkie for milk. They get returned to mama Yorkie and start feeding. A little later in the day, they all got to go home with the owner.



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