Home remedies for common problems

Disclaimer: these are not permanent fixes for common ailments, just ways to alleviate the stresses that come with them. If you wish to get a permanent fix for the issues your little friend is having, please contact your veterinarian. If the problem has been going on for a long amount of time (longer than 72 hours) or if the problems get worse not better, please contact your veterinarian.

Honey: Honey helps with calming coughs and helps with sore throats. If you notice your little friends coughing quite a bit and wish to get him/ her some relief, honey is the way to go. Just add a teaspoon of all-natural honey to their food for a few days and the cough should be less threatening sounding.

Cranberry Juice- If your dog seems to be a little under the weather, or if he/ she is urinating in strange places due to a urinary tract infection,  all-natural 100% cranberry juice (sugar free) is the best way to go. Just give them some cranberry juice with their meals and it should help them a little.

Yoghurt/ yogurt–  Plain, flavorless Yoghurt can be eaten to keep yeast infections at bay and can help with strengthening your puppy’s immune systems

Oatmeal – grinding up plain oatmeal and letting your dog soak in the oatmeal bath water can help alleviate itching from fleas, allergies, or other aliments.

Lemon water- If your dog is feeling itchy and has fleas, give him/her a nice spritz of lemon water. First off boil the water and put in the halved lemons. Let them sit over night to get all the juices out of the lemons. Then place it in a clean spray bottle and spritz away. Your little puppy will smell nice and should be flea free.

Ginger- If your little friend gets car sick whenever you decide to go anywhere with him, like one of mine does, then ginger will be your best friend. It can be made into a tea and given to him/her before a short trip around the block. or it could be baked into a treat. (recipe here: https://kennelboy.wordpress.com/2014/12/28/ginger-cookies-for-your-dogs/)

Lavender- As I have said in past posts( lavender lemon dog treats, phobias) lavender has a calming effect on dogs and cats. It can be used to soothe during a large storm that pups don’t particularly care for or during those blasted holiday fireworks.

Witch Hazel- This stuff is like a miracle potion, it can help kill off fleas and help your little friend with controlling his/her itching due to allergies or other ailments. All you have to do is make a spray bottle with witch hazel flea spray(recipe to come).

Witch hazel can also be used as an ear cleaner. To clean the ears you just have to apply a little to a  cloth or cotton ball and rub it in the ear, then wipe after the dog shakes it out. Be careful not to use too much of this or it will dry out your pup and make them extremely itchy.

Information from: http://www.petmd.com/dog/wellness/evr_dg_home_remedies?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Pet+Center&utm_term=home%20remedies%20for%20dogs&utm_content=sRp2PsxQz_dc|pcrid|26213590495|pkw|home%20remedies%20for%20dogs|pmt|p&gclid=CNe8iZ_R6cICFcNZ7AodRBEA8w#.Ui8oHsZeaTO



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