Making a “cool” dog toy for summer

Summer will be here before you know it, and with summer will come scorching heat for most people and dogs. Here is a simple solution to cool off your pooch this summer.

You Will Need:

  • Two (2) socks, the longer ones work best
  • One (1) working sink
  • One (1) working freezer
  • A dog (or many if you’re up to it)
  • Your hands
  • a bucket

How to make this nifty toy:

  1. Tie one of the two socks into a ball and place it inside the other one
  2. Once you have placed the balled up sock inside the other, tie a knot on the outer sock, right above the bulge, and bring the remainder of the sock (the ankle part) over the ball part so it looks like the picture below   ↓↓↓


3. Soak the socks in water so they get wet all over,  you can dip them in a bucket of water if you’d like. ☺

4. After they are all nice and wet, place them in the freezer for an a couple hours

5. After freezing it for a couple hours, take it out, if it is still dripping put it back in the freezer if it isn’t dripping give it to your little four legged friend(s) and let them enjoy.

The good part about this toy is you can reuse it. After your pup is done with the gnawing, just rewet it and place it back in the freezer and it’s like an all new toy.

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