Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer are hot, humid and not enjoyable for anyone. However, there are things you can do to make those days seem not so bad for your little four legged friend. Make sure to keep your dog(s) well hydrated and watch for signs of heat stroke (

  1. Make Pup-Sicles– Sort of like the popsicles that everyone loved as a kid, from the ice cream man, but dog friendly. The recipe can be found at:
  2. Make a frozen sock toy– These your dog(s) are sure to love. They are basically just frozen old socks that the dogs love to chew on. And the best part is they are reusable as many times as your see fit. This cool toy can be found at:
  3. Dog Safe Ice Cream– Dogs love going for ice cream almost as much as the kids do (that is if you have kids). Here is a simple and dog safe recipe-
  4. Go For a Dip in the Pool– Not all dogs can swim, so to be safe, I would recommend a kiddie pool for your pup just in case he/she doesn’t know how. Fill it with water and watch your pup dip into it as many times as he/ she wants. Have a stubborn pup that won’t go in the pool?? Try the sprinkler.
  5. Frozen fun- Put water in a soda bottle ( about 3/4 full) and place it in the freezer. Wait a few hours and when you remove it from the freezer you will have something your dog can cool off with. (idea from:

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