Fun ball rope toy

I have a couple dogs who will do anything for a tennis ball.  If you have one of these crazy pups then this is the toy for you.

You will need:

  • A tennis ball (any size will do, just make sure the dog can fit it in his mouth)
  • some rope
  • a drill, or something to make a hole in the tennis ball

How to make this fun toy:

  1. Drill (or cut) a hole in the sides of the tennis ball make sure that the holes are even, and you can see through them from one side to the other. (you should be able to look through the hole and see through the ball)
  2. put the rope through the hole that you have made in the tennis ball
  3. This video will show you how to tie the ropes so they will be dog proof, the toy should last a while if the instructions are followed:

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