Baby Sock Cat Toy

What you will need:

  • a newborn baby sock
  • some dried catnip
  • yarn

Your cat won't be able to resist this DIY toy made out of a sock! ~~~~This one was super easy...I made 3 for my cats and they fought over who got to play with them first!!  A must DIY cat toy!!~~~~ Veronica

How to make this fun kitty toy:

  1. Insert a paper tube into the sock and press down the dry catnip into the sock. Be sure to pack it tightly, as catnip likes to settle. Crunch up any large pieces you get into it. Also be sure to use dried catnip so you don’t get mold inside of your new toy.
  2. Tie the yarn along the top of the toy, be sure to make the knot tight so the cat can’t get it undone.  (I’m not 100% sure where the feathers come in to play here)
  3. Have fun with your newly found cat toy.

This idea came to us from the lovely people over at:


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